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February 27, 2010

The wedding cake: has traditional become cliché

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Wedding Cakes

Cake by Auntie Ellen's Creative Confections

Do the new trendy cakes of today turn the wedding cake in to a carnival attraction or just a glorified birthday cake being sold as a wedding cake?  Years ago the cake was one of the less stressful parts of the wedding and not that expensive in caparison to the other expenses.

The decisions were centered more around what flavor of cake should we choose and what color should the flowers be?  Should I match the color of flowers to the bridesmaid’s dresses?  What do I do if I get green dresses; I don’t want green roses on my cake! Should the flowers match my boutique? My favorite cake is chocolate but will that be too messy for my white wedding dress if he decides to smash it in my face?

The top of the cake was either the traditional bride and groom or a crump of fresh, silk or iced flowers. The cake toppers were sometimes sentimental and handed down from one generation to another.  Occasional a couple would break with tradition and put a figurine such a precious moment’s bride and groom on the top of the cake. Some of the wedding guests would like it and Grandma and the Aunties would click their tongues in clicking noises and shake their heads.

Cakes came with pillars or without pillars. Sometimes they are stacked on top of each other.  They come in shapes like round, square or a combination of the two.  A fountain was often thought of as a nice touch. I wonder who decided putting running water on a cake would be a good idea.

If you really think about it the symbolism is really not so great. I think of water fountains as a place to through in a coin and make a wish.  Is this symbolizing wishes fulfilled by finding each other or that life’s a gamble and maybe it work and maybe it won’t. If I had been at the meeting when this was thought of I most definitely would have said something like; “who would do that…put running water on a cake …not a good idea…what if it leaks?” That would have been my argument.  But what do I know?

Well, I wasn’t there for that meeting and since then cakes have taken on a life of their own.

The cake has become just as important as the wedding dress itself. Some cakes have just as much detail as a wedding dress.   The choices are endless, gone with the idea of a few flowers now your whole cake can be a pillar of flowers!  The cakes have much more detail and come in much bigger sizes and colors.  Gone are the white cakes of yesterday and in with brightly decorated cakes of today!  The prices can range up to $30,000! The price of a small compact car!

With the wedding cakes of today what makes them special? What makes them unique to this special day in your life? Many do look like a rich kid’s birthday cake. Keep in mind you want the eyes on the couple for their special day and not on the setting. The bride shouldn’t be upstaged by her cake!

Robin Oliverio

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