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March 4, 2010

The Wedding Dress: Should the Bridegroom Be Involved In the Selection

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

What happened to the groom seeing you for the first time in the dress at the wedding?  He would stand there in awe being blown away by the vision of you in angelic white floating toward him as if in a dream? Tears would fill his eyes as he saw you for the very first time as his bride.

Before the wedding bride’s would hide the dress if he was in a 10 mile radius of the blessed vestment.  No bride wanted to be seen by her beloved in her dress before that magical moment or she could risk bad luck if he did indeed find a way past her security force of Mom, Grandma, Aunts and basically any female in shouting distance. All women banded together to keep his prying eyes from the dress.

Now caution has been thrown to the wind. Bad luck omens don’t hold the same power over these generations’ brides as it did young girls of yesteryear.  Some women are (more…)

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